A Showcase Exhibit

People“I will make a nation out of the long lost, a showcase exhibit of God’s rule in action.” Micah 4 The Message.

Can you imagine what this would look like, a gathered company of people who are loved by God and who love him in return?  The imagery of this verse is so beautiful to me, God’s far reaching love for the long lost and his desire to exhibit in them what it looks like to be found and loved by God.

Imagine if people could see the love of God in action, by real people who were far from God, far from hope, people who knew what it was like to need mercy and find it, who knew what it was to be lost and find purpose. People who believed that the very words of God could be read and understood that they were not lost from knowing the one who had made them and purposed them to live a life that would bring honor and glory to the King of Kings.

Imagine if such a people lived for a God who was known for how he loved. Who set his rule by how the earth could be filled with kindness and hope, compassion and brave servant-hood, the kind that resulted in the care and building up of humanity. What if their God was so good that he cared not only for the successful but that his eyes saw those who were missed by society, the refugee, the poor, the broken, the widow and the fatherless. What if this King gathered a people where he would choose to give them the same vision he had to bring blessing to the last and the least.

The thought of such a God would create music on the earth, a song would sound that had never been heard before because an Ancient King of Kings, the same one who had told the story of the earth had created new life where there was desolation.

Can you imagine if in all his power and splendor what would transpire when he moved heaven and earth to establish such a people. If rather than being far off he walked in the pages of history with them, showing them himself what God’s rule in action looked like as his feet touched earth.

Such a God would be worthy of my whole hearted devotion and would create a movement that would transcend time, power, nation and politics.

I love that for me this is more than an idea, it is the story of Jesus found in the pages of the bible, with footsteps in history who most perfectly showed God’s rule in action and continues to work through his imperfect church to exhibit his kindness.

Love, Grace and New Songs for your day

Rachel x

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