This Widow

14 thoughts on “This Widow”

  1. So glad that I found your blog through the Facebook group, Together We Blog. I’m a fellow #write31days person and am struggling to write, read and do “real life”… but, it’s still one of my favorite months. Blessings and thanks for your posts!!

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  2. This: “He allowed her to give, to minister an act of faith and worship. In her poverty she was not excluded from ministry”

    He allowed her to give. That really caught at my heart. Doesn’t he do that with each of us? Allows us to give our meager offerings, esteems us? Thank you for this.

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  3. “In her poverty she was not excluded from ministry”: love this. He sure does love using the meager offerings we have to give to multiply them extravagantly….think of how this one little story has blessed so many from generation to generation and again here through your words.

    Micha Boyett once posted about humility stemming from the root word “humus” and it essentially meaning being earthed/rooted in God. It fits so beautifully here- she was earthed in God, in His deep love for her and out of this flowed her gift. And I like to think of Him using her deep grief to earth her more deeply in Him. I know he’s done that in my life- not that I know the deep grief of widowhood, but of losing my Mum at 59 years old.

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    1. That thought of being earthed in God, rooted in him, really moves me. There’s no other way to grow, to produce fruit. I think of grief and of what a deep tilling of the soil it produces. It leads to worship, to adoration. Rachel, I really can’t get this post off of my mind! ❤

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