11 thoughts on “Church”

  1. I’ve often wondered where we get our modern idea of ‘church’–as if sitting in hard pews facing the front and intoning hymns would somehow build community. That church in Acts had more to do with fellowship and common purpose than the stiff, formal ‘worship service/church’ we are offered today.

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  2. So much of “church” doesn’t really fit in with the model in Acts. It’s because we are human, we have our pride and our ideas about what is “right”. But, I see glimmers of hope in the Body around the world. I believe we can be the Church as she was meant to be again. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Ah yes… and in all that beautiful imagining, we know that God’s vision of the Church, –of His Bride, is even more glorious than we can ask or think! (and yet… that is His plan and will for us!)

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  4. this is one of my favorite verses because it gives a real vision of what church is. what it looks like and in simple terms, and easy way to “be” church outside the four walls of a building. catching up on my #write31days reading.

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