Finding The End of The Laundry

6 thoughts on “Finding The End of The Laundry”

  1. I enjoyed this post and related to it, even though I do not enjoy ironing! But I totally get what you are saying about doing those little things for our family to make them feel cared for, and thinking about them while we are doing it. I feel that way making a meal for my family or tidying up the house and putting things away. I don’t know if they realize it at the time, but maybe someday they will see this is my way of serving them. Even if they never see it, it is still part of my gift to them.

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  2. Is it possible I have found someone who loves doing laundry as much as I do? Folding each piece, making neat little stacks of undies and tees, rolling the socks just right? Oh my – a kindred! Of laundry. xoxo

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