Don’t Leave Me


unsplash-logoIvana Cajina

“But you Lord, do not be far from  me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me” Psalm 22:19

I have an image in my mind of this verse, of someone looking back with tenderness at a strong and loving Father and a cry of don’t leave me. A dependance that knows who is with her. Who faces the challenge ahead, who does not retreat, but just pleas for strength, for help to remain, for the Lord himself to stay. Stay with her, stay the path.

Have you ever begged for strength, for aid to come swift to your side. Postured in position to grab the hand of God to allow his strength to steel your spine, to allow his breath to cause you to rise up, to allow his presence to give you voice, to allow his hand to nudge you that little way forward, to allow his gaze to remind you of who you are and to whom you belong. All the while knowing you can face the next if he is with you, if he doesn’t leave, if he remains.

Understanding his strength is not only for you, but within you, his presence that awakens your purpose, your position and your advance. His strength that brings new vision, a new way to see, an awareness of what is and what could be.

But to see with vision is a dangerous calling, for vision is never easy, it does not come cheaply and it requires strength, humility and something beyond yourself. Vision should stir the heart and simultaneously make you weak at the knees. It often finds us both strong and broken as we chart the course. Lifted and kneeling.

It is such an intimate picture of help that is close, come be near me, don’t leave me, help me. How beautiful that we can know that call will be answered, that he will not leave, that he will be close, that he will bring strength. Companionship with the King of Kings.

Lots of Love and Strength for your day

Rachel x 


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