Coffee Table Makeover – Restoring an old Country Table to New Life


Coffee Table

We are moving again which for some can be full of stress, and understandably so. However as we have moved a number of times, I am trying to make the most of an opportunity to build some memories into the things which we decorate or home with. Fostering some love for the everyday furniture that we have lugged around with us through all the adventures. We may not be able to say we remember when Levi started walking on that floor, or when Mia scratched her name into a tree (childhood dreams for me, really)… We can say though, remember when Mary came to visit and we sat here at this table and shared a meal, or when we played cards with friends until late in the evening, when we shared meals on our table filled with food our small group had made, including extreme Pinterest ambitious treats like krispy creme burgers. So I don’t want new furniture, I want to treasure the memories that have been built into it’s life, but I would like to give it a new life, an update from the last ten years or so.

Coffee Table Before

We got this coffee table at our home in Cherrybrook, when we needed a second one and we had some space to put it. I found it for free on Gumtree and Shane lovingly went and picked it up. I thought it had beautiful form (plus it was free, hallelujah) and all it needed was a splash of paint. With three small kids and then working full time for both of us, as well as an aversion to sanding on my part, I never got around to painting it. But here we are a few weeks out from moving cities, with time and equipment on my side so I have decided to renovate a lot of the furniture in our house. I want to be able to move in and set up quickly so I can give the kids all they need to settle in to a new area well.

Here is my adorable husband teaching me how to sand, not wearing any safety equipment bless him, don’t copy him, get yourselves a mask and goggles and whatever else you need to work safely.

Sanding Coffee Table

You know how when you have been married a while, you have stories that begin to define a particular characteristic you may or may not have… Shane and I once sanded a window sill upon my insistence, I gave up a quarter of the way through {this may be a generous fraction}, as I HATED it, I laid down in defeat and we never finished it. This is my claim to renovating fame, highly unsuccessful. But we can all have new days and so here is a little progress from the beginning of my project. I was using a 120 grit sandpaper (I am not sure of the proper grit I should have had, I looked it up on the internet and it seemed to work well for this piece, there wasn’t such to lose however).

Sanding Coffee Table

This was all me people! Other than the start Shane made, and using proper equipment I didn’t actually hate it, in fact I kind of like sanding, I have grown.

Coffee Table Sanded

Once I had gone over the whole table with 120 grit sandpaper, I then used a 150 grit to finish it. I did the best I could and wasn’t too worried about the legs.

Coffee Table White Paint

I had originally decided to paint the table white, but after I saw what was underneath all the orange stain I really liked the look and feel of the timber, it was worn and soft and I have a thing for lime wash. Somehow it makes me feel I am in an old village in Tuscany or France. So I shall use the white paint for another project and use our leftover Limewash from the floors to paint the table. This was a big decision. There were many friends involved for support to make this simple call, you know who you are, thank you.

Coffee Table and Darby

So I put on the country music channel, for inspiration and got ready to paint. When as is customary for our faithful Labrador, Darby came to help, or at least lay in the way to get some attention.

Shane was back for another demonstration to show me how to apply the lime wash, love him. Seriously, he is the best at this stuff, so handy.

One Coat Limewash

This was after one coat of lime wash, at this stage I was still completely unsure if we had done the right thing or not, should I have just gone white?

Coffee Table Legs One Coat Limewash

Painting is the fun part.

Coffee Table One Coat LimewashI was still a little unsure about the legs at this stage, they were still browner than I wanted, and I wondered whether I should have sanded with a little more effort here.

Coffee Table Two Coats Limewash

After two coats I was feeling good. Limewashing gave me the white look I wanted to create a soft space, but also the ability to still see the timber that I thought was so beautiful, plus now I feel like I am in a farmhouse in Tuscany, so it’s a win!

Coffee Table Vignette

A little basket filled with some of my favourite things, some old books and I totally love the new table. It was so easy to do, using equipment and materials we already had and so I count this a win on all fronts. I can’t wait to share cheese platters with friends on this table, coffees, card games, board games as well as I’m sure a fair share of spills and homework, piles of paper in transition from one room to another, toy cars that slide their way around looking for the perfect track, lego will be built here and memories will chip and crack away at the table shared with family and friends.

Coffee Table Before and After

Thanks for coming on the journey with me, next stop Dining Table and Chairs.

Lots of Love



2 thoughts on “Coffee Table Makeover – Restoring an old Country Table to New Life

  1. I love this so much! Definitely European. It looks awesome!! Pretending I’m the “Mary” who sat at your table 😉💜. Can’t wait to sit at this “new” table in your new home.


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