31 Days of Faith

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In the month of October 2015 I wrote about Faith each day as part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. My hope and prayer is that as you read, my reflections on his word will bring you hope and remind you afresh of the Jesus who knows and loves you just as you are x

Day One – Welcoming Meal- Imagine Eating with the King of Kings 

Day Two – How Beautiful on the Mountains

Day Three – Awake

Day Four – Worship, Declaring Salvation

Day Five – Mercy 

Day 6 – Two Men

Day 7 – And The Smallest

Day 8 –  This Widow

Day 9 -Never To Leave You

Day 10 – The Darkest Place 

Day 11 – Heaven’s King

Day 12 – They Will Soar

Day 13 – Song of Heaven

Day 14 – Church

Day 15 – Illuminate the Way

Day 16 – He Will Come To Us Like Rain

Day 17 – My Soul’s Anchor

Day 18 – In Faith 

Day 19 – The Roar of His Voice

Day 20 – This Treasure of Grace 

Day 21 – Hope to the Valleys

Day 22 – He is for You 

Day 23 – But Now I have Seen You

Day 24 – He Has Done Great Things For Her

Day 25 – An Audience Before the King

Day 26 – Because He Hears Me

Day 27 – The Place Was Shaken

Day 28 – To Know

Day 29 – My Strong Place 

Day 30 – Light of the World

Day 31 – We Have Heard That He Is With You

I would love to hear you thoughts please comment below and join in the conversation. 

Rachel x

31 Days of Faith

31 Days of Faith

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