A Beautiful Framing

LanternI am so happy to welcome you to my first post on Rachel Kathrine. By way of Introductions…

I am walking the journey of following where Jesus leads me. The depth of his love for me and his beautiful church has changed my life forever. I believe that he is the Author and Hero of Creation’s Story.

I am married to a pastor which makes life a wonderful and yet regularly crazy adventure. Shane works at a church we have deep love for. The kind of church that display’s God’s manifold love on the earth, who brings hope and life to the lost, hurt and broken with a heart for all generations. It is a church filled with people who are imperfect (including my dear self) and walk in the promise that God’s beautiful grace is enough.

I am a mum to 3 kids who are shaping their journey with excellence, creativity and a love for People, Creation, Jesus and the Church, not to mention Nick Jnr, Ballet and Soccer. They bring me joy every day. Even when I am saying phrases no one thought they would ever have to say…you know what I’m talking about parents.

I love my people. You know who you are. Friends and family who love you, encourage you and who laugh, loud when it all goes wrong, which it regularly does. I am not known for my quiet elegance as much as I would like. I am however known for my laugh… thankfully I have acquired the life skill of being able to laugh at myself, which as it turns out is extremely important in my case.

So that’s it. The Framing of My blog. A space to share Faith, Home, Friendship and grace.

Love, Grace and a cozy seat beside a warm fire today, unless of course you are in the Northern hemisphere, then you enjoy the sunshine

Rachel x