She is in the Bible

She Woman

Who is SHE in the bible? Where is SHE? What has SHE done in the Bible? What has SHE seen? How does SHE live? 

When we read the pages of the bible we find many stories of her and how her God saves her, for SHE is his. She is bold, courageous, wise, lost, found, broken, healed, intelligent, strong, weak, afraid, waiting, betrayed, taken, given, held, loved, transformed, known, unknown.

Scattered through the pages of the bible are stories of women who have lived and play an important role in the bible’s story. SHE is found in the pages of HIS story for SHE is loved.

She is EVE – Genesis 2 & 3

She is SARAH – Genesis 21

She is LEAH – Gen 29-30

She is RACHEL – Gen 29-30

She is TAMAR – Genesis 38

She is MIRIAM – Exodus 15

She is RAHAB – Joshua 2

She is DEBORAH – Judges 4

She is RUTH – Ruth

She is NAOMI– Ruth

She is HANNAH – 1 Samuel 1

She is MICHAL – 1 Samuel 19

She is ABIGAIL – 1 Samuel 25

She is BATHSHEBA – 2 Samuel 11

She is THE QUEEN OF SHEBA – 2 Chronicles 9:5-7

She is ESTHER – Esther

She is GOMER – Hosea 3

She is ELIZABETH – Luke 1

She is MARY – Luke 1

She is ANNA – Luke 2


She is A WIDOW – Luke 7

She is MARY MAGDALENE – Luke 8

She is MARTHA – Luke 10

She is MARY OF BETHANY – Luke 10

She is a WIDOW – Luke 21

She is a SAMARITAN – John 4

She is TABITHA – Acts 9

She is LYDIA – Acts 16

She is PRISCILLA – Acts 18

She is PHOEBE – Romans 16

These are the names and titles of some of the women in the bible and the places you can read about how they are interwoven into the greatest story ever told.

Love, Grace and Faith for your day 

Rachel x