Finding My Space

There is a space in my home, a time carved out to meet with God. That still, quiet place where I can think and listen, read and consider how the word of God can do a work in me. That shaping which happens as the words on the page roll over and over reminding you that he is very … Continue reading Finding My Space

Finding Our Fun

We’ve kind of reached that age as a family when we have really found our fun. To say we found it, sounds like we stumbled across it, but truth be told we have done some discovery and some outright consistent and not so consistent planning. I am a girl who enjoys a good plan. In … Continue reading Finding Our Fun

Finding Joy

  This is my little girl a few years ago at our church house, the one where you could see into the auditorium from our living room and hosted the playground between buildings. The overgrown grass pictured in the garden is the kind of thing that drives me crazy, but Riley was a newborn and there are … Continue reading Finding Joy

Finding Eggs

I remember walking down to the chicken coop as a little girl to fetch the eggs on my grandparents property. Some of my happiest memories growing up, was at their home on the river. My brother and I could spend days running through my Grandma and Da’s {as we called him} orchard, filling baskets with mandarins. … Continue reading Finding Eggs

Finding Home Again

When I first met my husband and found out he had grown up in the one house all his life, I was in awe. What was that like? I had watched movies and shows on TV of families who lived in the same house their whole lives, making memories, scratching their names in trees, renovating … Continue reading Finding Home Again