Eyes Fixed


Last night was small group at my house. Shane and I adore these people, we really love them. We meet every week sharing life – the highs the lows and everything in between. I learn to live with my home being imperfect and real, which for someone who loves to have everything in order is quite the challenge. I hope that it serves them that one day when and if they have kids, they will invite their friends over even {especially} when life does not quite look like a perfect photo. Bless them, they have coped well.

We are reading the book of 1 Samuel together and this book is full of adventure, the kind  of story where there is never a dull moment… As we read Chapter 18 of the story, right after the infamous David and Goliath chapter, all the people were praising Saul – the King, and David – the warrior. In the midst of all the action, this is the verse that stood out to me.

“Saul was very angry; this refrain displeased him greatly. “they have credited David with tens  “of thousands”, he thought. “But me with only thousands. What more can he get but the Kingdom”. And from that time on Saul kept a close eye on David.” 1 Samuel 18:8 NIV

Here he was {Saul} the King of the people, anointed by God to be the leader shepherd and he was jealous of his warrior musician {David}. Saul was a man charged with the care of the people, a Kingdom before him, and he stood – strong, powerful, and intimidated.

Man, that is such a familiar picture, so simple and plain. His eyes were looking in the wrong direction. As leader of the people he heard and interpreted the voice of the people according to his weakness and was distracted by the desire for personal glory. He lost his calling, and fixed his eyes on the wrong person. As King his eyes should have been heavenward seeking the will and call of God, in order to lead the people God so loved. Instead he looked to David whom he saw as his rival, not even his enemy, but the one who could take all that was his.

When we are called by God to do a task, and the task becomes bigger than the one who gave it, when the detail of our assignment becomes greater than who it is for. Our eyes are fixed elsewhere.

I want my eyes fixed heavenward. I want to live with an audience of one. Not swayed by waves of opinion but grounded firmly in the one who knows me, loves me and saves me. I want to be found in step with him, I want to look to him for calling and journey steps. I don’t want to look sideways, eyes fixed on what someone else is doing. I want to run my race, set before me with all Jesus has called me to do, in this moment. I am praying for that. Because heaven knows, it is all too easy to look sideways.

Love, Grace and a quiet moment for your day

Rachel x