He Will Come To Us Like Rain


“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.” Hosea 6:3 NIV

Let us run back to him, let us run to Him and acknowledge who He is. Let us say, He is mine and I am His. Let us not give up. Let us walk toward Him and without fear. As we press on to acknowledge Him, we discover more of who He really is, more of the Father’s Heart, the character of the Son and the strength of the Spirit.

And his answer to us, when we run to him, will not be rejection or betrayal or indifference.

There are times I have felt this way. I know it’s not right, but when I feel like I have failed, I sometimes find it hard to approach God. Instead of leaning into his grace, I avoid Him altogether.

Sometimes we can imagine a response of God that fits with where we feel we have gone wrong. The greater the sin, the greater his anger, the greater our indifference then the greater His, the greater our rejection of Him, the more likely he will not accept us. We can imagine his response in equal measure to the way in which we feel we have failed or not given enough. We can feel like we have to earn the right to his favor.

But this is not who He is. None of these things are true. He is truly good all the time and we see his best when we are in our worst. We see the depth of His love, when we most fear we won’t receive it. We can’t earn the right to His favor, and he was so concerned about this He gave His son, that we would never need to.

When we run to Him and acknowledge Him, He doesn’t treat us according to our failings, he treats us according to Jesus’ perfection.  Like rain pouring into a weary land, the love of the Father pours over surely and steadily refreshing and making new. He is not waiting to reject, abandon or ignore, He is waiting, fully ready to love you. Before you could even ask, He had already prepared the way to show all His favor and love over you.

And as we lean in to his grace and kindness he will come to us like rain. Rain that causes the earth to be fruitful, strong and refreshed. His arrival is sure and steady, He will not fail you.

Love, Grace and Rain for your day

Rachel x

Girl 31 Large

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