He is For You

Girl Pondering“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3 NIV

It always comes back to this for me. This forever love that God promises. A safe place. A love that does not threaten, does not hurt, does not abandon, does not fade, does not wither, does not forget, does not give up, does not fail.

And he cannot fail. There will be no mistake, there is no I will love only up until this point, or only from when. This is the forever love that began before time and will last into eternity. This is the love of a father that cannot, will not and never has been shaken.

This is a to the ends of the earth and back again love, a love that pursues with care and strength. A love that bears a sacrifice. A love that sees you as you truly are, and not just the things we hope no one would notice, or that we worry if anyone did perhaps they would not care for us as much, but a loves that sees you for all you are and all you are made to be. All your strength, all your gifting, all your tenacity, all your courage, all your love and all your purpose.

Oh it’s true that Jesus loves us even though we fall short, and we so often focus on this, and well we should, for what a love that could bear hurt when he himself would never hurt. But he also loves all the things about us that he designed to bear his image in the world, every unique quirk of yours that showers blessing on others, he loves. He does not love us for those wonderful qualities he created, or only in spite of our failing.

He loves because He is love.

He cannot help but love, he cannot be stopped from loving, he is for you, more for you than perhaps we ever give ourselves reason to hope for. Jesus is so for you, he would die to save you.

Love and Grace for your day

Rachel x 

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