I am so glad you stopped by.

A little bit about me…

I love to create, to write, photograph, arrange flowers, homewares, to sew and to generally try and make things more beautiful or better yet to capture what already is gloriously good like pictures of waves and mountains.

I love to cook, particularly baking, the smell of vanilla, melted chocolate, slow cooked curries, christmas cookies are some of the things I love most in this world. Embracing every season in cooking, the fresh produce, the holiday traditions and celebrations we hold as a family and encouraging the kids to get involved in decorating, baking and enjoying the unique gifts that each different one brings brings me immense joy.

I have been following Jesus for as long as I can remember and this is what has the single most profound effect on who I am and what I live for. He has given me purpose, grace and love. It is from the space of knowing how deeply loved I am that inspires me to serve and give to others in the way I know he has given to me. My husband and I have been involved in pastoral ministry for the last 18 years, we have been married for 19 and it has been a wild ride. We have had our seasons of joy and seasons of pain, we are still walking, still following the call we believe God has laid on our lives, and are hoping we can give to others in the way we have received.

God has given us beautiful friendships in our lives, that have richly blesses us more than we ever thought was possible, like extended family, it is through some of these friendships that we have had the most growth and transformation and a continued call to serve. Some of those friends run a ministry called the Significant Marriage. It is a course we have done, teach and wholeheartedly believe in, the founders are our close friends and we like them hope to see many marriages flourish under the strong hand of God.

We have 3 kids, Levi 12, Mia 9 and Riley 7. They are the beautiful evidence of God’s outstanding creativity in my life and so different it’s hard to believe they are growing up in the same house. I write more about them and our daily adventures at paperandearth.blog


Whether this blog encourages you, makes you laugh, gives you some creative reminders or even if it just helps you realise you are not alone i will feel happy.

Praying god’s richest and most abundant blessings on your life.

Rachel x



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